E-commerce chargeback recovery

Chargebacks can occur in e-commerce when a buyer asks their bank for a refund for a transaction after they’ve received the goods or used the service.

Although this practice isn’t legal, you should be aware that banks are inclined to take the side of the consumer rather than the supplier. This is mainly because they don’t have the resources to verify whether the consumer’s refund request is legitimate or fraudulent.

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How do chargebacks affect your business?

  • Your revenue and margin are lost
  • Delivery costs are lost
  • You bear bank costs for chargebacks
  • If you have too many chargebacks, your bank can increase your transaction costs.


Why turn to a collection specialist?

Simply put, to get paid. You’re already a specialist in e-commerce and the products you sell; if your passion is serving your clients and satisfying them, chasing after them to get your invoices paid is not what you signed up for.
Of course, you’ve already followed up with your clients without success, and now you want to settle the matter quickly without paying anything in advance and without risk for you.
That’s why you need to take the next step by turning to a collection specialist.
Cabinet d’Ormane will take over and collect your outstanding e-commerce payments, and we only charge you fees if we recover your money.
By getting a collection company involved, you show your overdue clients that you’re determined to obtain payment of your invoices, amicably or, if necessary, by involving the courts. Your clients shouldn’t feel safe from your claims just because they’re in France.
Furthermore, in the event of a commercial dispute with your client, the involvement of a third party promotes a dialogue by providing an emotional buffer between the conflicting parties. Discussions by intermediary thus lead to the resolution of the problem.

When it comes to outstanding payments, you have to act right away

Did you know that the sooner we intervene, the more effective our actions are? Don’t let your outstanding payments age. If your debtors aren’t responding to your reminders, it’s in your interest to send them to us without waiting for recovery. Negligent debtors will only correct their situation if what they owe is vigorously demanded. And when they realize that Cabinet d’Ormane are in charge of their file, they know you mean business.
Thanks to our website, you can send us your outstanding payments without delay so we can take immediate action.

Our approach

Agreements rather than legal proceedings.

As soon as we receive your list of outstanding payments, we study them carefully and immediately take the action that we think is most effective for obtaining rapid settlement. We always promote amicable settlements over legal proceedings by moving forward in stages:


Amicable interventions

Written reminders, phone calls, SMS, and emails


Negotiation or proceedings

Settlement solution, or in the absence of agreement, legal proceedings if necessary.


Debtor payment

We offer the debtor various means of payment – transfer, online or telephone credit card payment, check, direct debit…



Repayment of funds collected at the end of the month by transfer, after deducting our fees

Why work with us?

Why work with us?

We put more than 65 years of collection experience at your service. The proof of our effectiveness is the fact that we only get paid if your money is recovered.
Our collection experts who work on your files are experienced and resourceful, and they're familiar with all the techniques used by debtors to delay payments. By striking the right balance between efficiency and humanity, they know how to encourage payment so that your invoices get paid first.
Tens of thousands of businesses, especially e-commerce businesses, are already satisfied customers; why not join them?

With d’Ormane, collection is online.

Cabinet d’Ormane has always been a pioneer in new technologies. That’s why, thanks to our website, you can send us your outstanding payments, consult the status of all your files, collections received, etc. In addition, we inform you by email as soon as we obtain a payment, and at each important stage of your files’ progress. If we need a supporting document, you just need to upload it on our site. And as a bonus, we offer you a free iPhone app so you can have up-to-date records of your files in the palm of your hand.

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